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do you ever just

stare into space and be like

oh my god i have no idea what my actual personality is

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This is one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on my dashboard.. we are way too hard on ourselves.

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i’m pretty sure by now “tired” is just part of my personality description

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@myself what the fuck are you doing

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…aaaaand it doesn’t work. Oops.

Not sorry for taking up your feed here.

So it’s suicide prevention day. That’s really great cause so many struggle daily with depression and other mental illnesses. This day can help spread awareness and such.
As a strong supporter of To Write Love On Her Arms and Heart Support, I really love to spread their message: There is hope. Life can, and will get better. (I know that first hand, but I won’t get personal here). I will say that there is always hope. If you are suffering with suicidal thoughts, depression, or self-harm, or any things similar, I’m asking you to reach out to someone. A friend, family member, someone. Seek help, there is nothing wrong with doing that. Those you open up to should help you with their love and support.
Also, I’m here to talk to anyone. You are loved. You are important.

Now, for everyone: you never know what someone is going through, so please try your hardest to be nice to everyone. Spread love, not hate. Only spread hate to like…mosquitos or something - no one likes them. Other than that, try not to spread hate at all.

This picture has lyrics from a song called Unlovable by Worthwhile. A song that starts with sadness, and ends with the understanding that not everything is okay, but there is hope that one day they will be.
“Unlovable… Come home.
Now I’ll hold my head high. I’ll take it all on. I’ll let my light shine until glorious dawn. This fistfight I called my life is now the reason I stay alive. I’m not fixed, but I’m found. Breath in. Breathe out. Stay Strong. It’s what I tell myself.
These scars stay close. They try and remind to smile back, it’s in the past, I left it all behind. I’m loved. I’m alive.”
#worthwhile #suicidepreventionday

"In the end, we are all alone. It’s not who loves you, but who you love and you’ll always have that whether that love was reciprocated or not. In the meantime we live this bleak life and modern times of grey skies and electric light. We wait. We pass the time. We listen to music."
-David Gold.

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Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World


Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World

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